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Brewster Madrid is on schedule

By Craig Gemmell, Head of School

Dear families,

Each passing day, our excitement of inaugurating our school with you and your family grows even stronger.

Now with the month of May fast approaching, some of you may have been wondering, "Will the school building be ready in time?”

Our short answer is: “YES, we are on schedule to welcome students to begin school in our historic campus in Chamberí on September 7th, 2023!"

Outdoors Brewster Madrid

Those of you who are familiar with conventional business practices have undoubtedly heard of a SWOT analysis: a means of evaluating organizations and plans based upon strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. So much of the work we’ve done at Brewster Madrid has been guided by such careful analysis and planning. Your family most likely also has implicitly (or explicitly) involved similar analysis when considering the best school options for your children.

Not having a complete, functional campus would surely be a threat for you and for us. And the good news is that we continue to be on schedule to gain occupancy of our campus in July.

Over the past weeks, much of the interior demolition and core systems work has been completed–far more visible progress is evident to all who are passing by campus. Armies of skilled carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers are turning concept into reality all day, every day during the week. We see no roadblocks that will stop us from having a joyful start of school early September. 

You can get more insight into the plans we have developed with our architects -including the detailed calendar of our renovation schedule in the attachments. And take an inside look at our school designs in this link.


We could not make this dream of a school a reality without you. We thank you for your confidence in us, and we hope you feel as excited as we are about bringing new life to this spectacular space together!

Never hesitate to reach out should you have any concerns or questions.

Craig Gemmell (Head of School)

"No restriction shall be placed upon any person desiring to attend and receive instruction from said school or academy on account of his or her age, sex, or color, provided only he or she is of good moral character."

John Brewster.