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Creating our school calendar

By Bret Barnett, Dean of Faculty

The Brewster Madrid school calendar is nearly finalized. While we await the official school schedule put out by the Comunidad de Madrid to ensure alignment, the creation of our calendar is a blend of our American identity with our Spanish home.

Families can expect our calendar to roughly align with other schools in Madrid. We will begin our school year in early September and end in late June. While these are the start and end dates for students, our new faculty will all begin much sooner.

As Brewster prioritizes teacher training and wants to ensure that our employees are prepared to welcome our students, teachers will begin their year in July, working hard to finalize the curriculum and to come to fully embody the Brewster ethos.

Our school holidays

Students and families can expect us to observe all of the Madrid religious and municipal holidays. Additionally, we will have a couple of days off at Thanksgiving as a nod to our American heritage and we will have an extended Christmas holiday that begins shortly after the Immaculate Conception and stretches right through to the Epiphany. This elongated break will allow families to travel and our faculty to return home to enjoy time with their loved ones.

We would be remiss to not mention the importance of aligning our schedules with our campus in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, USA. As our upper school students embark on trimester exchanges during the winter and spring seasons, not only will our curriculum align to make this transition seamless, but also our calendars will mimic one another as much as possible to further intertwine these experiences.

We are extremely excited to open the gates of our campus for our founding families very soon. Stay tuned for our finalized calendar and timetables in the coming weeks.


"No restriction shall be placed upon any person desiring to attend and receive instruction from said school or academy on account of his or her age, sex, or color, provided only he or she is of good moral character."

John Brewster.