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The Emergence of Brewster’s International Campuses

Craig Gemmell, then the 12th Head of School at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro in its long history, recognized the rarity and importance of Brewster’s particular means of education students in our world while also recognizing that Brewster could only educate 350 students per year in Wolfeboro given the size of its campus. He therefore resolved to bring Brewster’s modern, student-centered approach to the broader world.

A devoted group of Brewster administrators worked through the complexity of opening international campuses over the following years, and they recognized that they needed expertise. Enter Ricardo Carreno, who joined the project in 2018. A Madrid native who had spent years working at another New England boarding school, Ricardo had a dream to bring student-centered education to Madrid.

Five years later, our beautiful dream has become a reality in Chamberi–and add another campus in La Moraleja in 2024.

Given our successful launch in Chamberi, we have received much interest from parties interested in bringing our particular brand of education to other cities globally, and we have resolved to move deliberately and carefully as we grow in order to ensure that our original intent–to serve students the way that they need to be served–is honored deeply as we expand.

In the coming years as the number of Brewsters’ international campuses increases, our students will surely have the opportunity to connect with peers on other Brewster campuses, our teachers will have the opportunity to move among campuses, and our administrators will be able to work together to ensure that our program evolves thoughtfully and all schools support our shared mission: to prepare diverse thinkers for lives of purpose. Stay tuned!