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Brewster Madrid’s Inaugural Spring University Fair 2024


Isabel Moreno

Leap Over and Plan Your Bright Future With Us 

Phillip Wenturine 

Earlier this year, Brewster Madrid opened their doors to 23 universities from around the world for their inaugural Spring University Fair. This will become an annual event offered each year at Brewster, right as we transition from winter into spring. This is one benefit that Brewster offers our students and community: the chance to engage in both small group and 1:1 settings with top universities from around the world in order to get the most accurate and specific information about a future program or pathway. Our Director of University Counseling, Phillip Wenturine, has worked in education for over a decade across multiple countries, and from his time in the college counseling industry, he has culminated a vast network of over 300 universities around the world that work together with college counselors to support students. These schools are then invited to our campus here in Madrid to come visit Brewster, offer a table and chat to the students, give presentations and workshops on various topics, and participate in events such as our annual university fair. It was a great success for our learning community!

Brewster Madrid’s mission is to prepare diverse thinkers for lives of purpose. And with that in mind, our entire staff here at Brewster works diligently to collaborate and support the student in individualizing not just their learning within the classroom, but in personalizing the support they receive when it comes to planning their best fit futures. The teachers worked together with advisory students to prepare a list of thoughtfully proposed questions about their future study and career plans so that when they had time to speak with the universities, they engaged in a professional and purposeful conversation. We then surveyed students on what they are thinking about studying in university, what locations were of interest to them, and what potential careers they would like to pursue; this in turn allowed us to collaborate with universities to offer insightful sessions on the topics our students were most interested in.

The first opportunity students had this day was attending a series of workshops on career and future readiness. These seminars were dynamic and enriching, aimed at guiding high school students toward their post-graduation paths, offering a wealth of invaluable insights. Exploring the prospects of studying within Spain and within the rest of Europe ignited aspirations beyond borders, while insights into business careers broadened horizons into niche fields. Comparing personal statement essays across the USA and UK highlighted important differences for those considering studying in both regions, empowering students to tailor their narratives effectively to be successful on their upcoming applications. Additionally, practical steps in crafting academic resumes sparked student readiness for academic and career pursuits ahead. Through these sessions, we fostered enthusiasm for higher education and future vocations, equipping students with essential tools to embark confidently on their post-high school journey.

After this portion, we transitioned outside to the university fair. There the students enjoyed the opportunity to explore various higher educational programs in our beautiful outdoor garden space. They had the chance to speak with representatives from different universities at informational booths. Equipped with checklists, they made their way through the fair, engaging in conversations and gathering valuable insights. At the end of the event, students eagerly participated in a prize raffle, with college swag items up for grabs brought in by universities: t-shirts, hoodies, water bottles, notebooks, and other items. Representatives from the universities commended the students for their respectful and engaged demeanor, making the fair a memorable and rewarding experience for all involved.

Outside of this annual event, Brewster Madrid takes students on various other university related learning expeditions throughout the year. Just earlier this school year, the seniors went with our university counselor and deputy head of school over to Boston to visit universities there as well as experience the Brewster Wolfeboro campus in New Hampshire for one week. Students have also taken tours of campuses here in Spain as well as participating in college level lectures and events to experience firsthand life as a college student. However, this event was really special as we got to host it in our own backyard, making it convenient for our students and families, but also inviting the wider Madrid community and those in our own neighborhood of Chamberi. It was a grand event bringing everyone together from all over the world: literally. We are already planning next year’s programming and will be excited to keep the tradition alive for many years to come.