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Brewster Madrid prepares diverse thinkers for lives of purpose. Our students and faculty come from across the world, and each person brings a diversity of experiences, knowledge, and interests to our community. Despite our differences, we are united by our values and our mission, and because of our differences, we learn to embrace and cherish creativity, inclusivity, and appreciation for individuality. At Brewster we are caring, collaborative, creative, and persistent in the pursuit of academic excellence. Each teacher believes that all students have the potential to learn, to thrive, and to exert a positive impact on the local and global community.

To best prepare students for lives of purpose, all three divisions are aligned through our Portrait of a Graduate. The Portrait of a Graduate expresses the skills and habits of character that our students acquire, practice, and demonstrate in order to find enduring success in the world. 

The talented and dedicated faculty at Brewster Madrid bring outstanding experiences and passion for their discipline to the classroom. They are practitioners in their fields with excellent credentials, but above all understand that great teaching is relational. Our teachers know their students. They leverage students’ strengths and challenge each individual to discover meaning and purpose in their studies and beyond. 
All Brewster faculty actively participate in ongoing professional learning opportunities that are informed by current research and practice. Our faculty pride themselves on being active and engaged learners who are dedicated to continuous growth and improvement. 
Small classes at Brewster Madrid help foster intimate learning environments, in which all students have access to their teachers and the support they need to thrive. Additionally, the team structure helps create customized learning experiences. Our students are known, valued, and respected - all thrive in our inclusive and equitable community.

"No restriction shall be placed upon any person desiring to attend and receive instruction from said school or academy on account of his or her age, sex, or color, provided only he or she is of good moral character."

John Brewster.