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University Placement

Brewster coaches each student through the university application process to ensure that all students are well placed and have a number of choices for university. Because we are a network of schools, students have access to considerable resources and expertise regarding colleges and universities across the globe. Our university counseling office works with each student to provide them with individualized guidance and support as they navigate the admissions experience. Our goal is to find the best fit university for each Brewster student.

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American High School Diploma

Upon concluding their studies at Brewster Madrid, Grade 12 students will receive an American High School Diploma, equivalent to those issued in the United States. As it is a foreign title, it is necessary to validate it in order to be accepted by Spanish universities. Initially, all students must validate their diploma; however, the requirements may vary if the university to which access is requested is public or private. (Please note: American universities in Spain do not require homologation)

Requirements for North American and International universities

The American High School Diploma provides access to North American universities and a large number of international universities. However, the requirements for the latter may vary depending on the country and the university itself.

Requirements for Spanish universities

The Homologation

The homologation supposes the recognition of the American High School Diploma as equivalent to the Baccalaureate degree by the Ministry of Education. Any student who wishes to access a Spanish university must carry out this process.

The academic certificates of the last three years must be presented (grade 10, 11, 12, equivalent to 4th of ESO, 1st and 2nd of Baccalaureate, respectively). All documents need certified translation.

It is likely that the homologation process will not been resolved before the date of application for access to the universities. However, the student will receive a provisional document that will allow them to proceed with a conditional acceptance from universities until they receive the definitive homologation.

Accreditation by the UNED

The UNED (Universidad de Educación a Distancia) is the institution responsible for verifying that students have the necessary requirements to access universities in Spain.

The student must present a legalized copy of the last two pre-university courses (with Apostille from The Hague or diplomatic legalization), the validated title or the provisional document verifying that they have requested the homologation of their title, as well as a translation of said documents. Once delivered, the student receives the UNED accreditation, which will allow them to apply for enrollment in Spanish universities.

Additional Procedures

Private Spanish Universities: The student who wishes to access a private university must, as a general rule, carry out the above procedures. In addition, one should carefully review the admission processes for each university, since each private university may have different requirements and deadlines. Generally, these universities can accept students conditionally until the administrative processes are resolved.

Public Spanish Universities: To access Spanish public universities, students must validate their title and request the UNED accreditation. In addition, they must take the PCE tests (Prueba de Competencias Específicas). These consist of a series of exams equivalent to the EvAU, with the same qualification criteria. Students have to pass, as a general rule, exams of four subjects equivalent to those of the Spanish Baccalaureate. There are two dates for the exams, one in May and another in September.

Of course, our experienced college counselor will help guide students and families through these processes.



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Director of University Counseling